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Hi mommies, I have stop bm my 3month old baby due to no more bm.. Currently looking for fm, may i know what milk is better in your opinion? Frisolac for new born to 6month, NAN Optipro and S26 Gold???

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Enfamil A+ or Fairprice Gold from Australia the closest to bm. I stop my bm at 3 months too and once Introduce my baby to Enfamil she loves it no poo problem or colic or gassy stomach. S26 is very heaty and phlegmy.

i originally gave my boys s26...but its too thick and heaty, their phlegm is crazy alot. so we switch to frisolac. its not as thick as s26 and lesser phlegm issue. the phlegm is not as thick also

Hi mommy at first we go for s26 gold but my baby had rashes so we stopped and continued what the hospital gave my baby after birth which is dumex-dulac for NB til 6months.

Mine had s26 from the start. Tried changing to mamil gold, but baby kept vomiting after drinking, so we decided to just stick to s26.

Friso lac is good. My baby have been drinking it for 3 months. Regular poo poo and it’s not heaty!

I’ve been feeding friso to baby for the past 3 months. Baby is growing really well. No poo poo issues.

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Tried dumex but after 3mth, LO doesnt drink well so switched to s26 until now. LO is abt 9mth plus

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Enfamil or similac :) but u can get a sample size and let ur baby try :)

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All depends on you. I gave my girl similac but my boy nan

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Depend on u.. I give both my gals Dumex Mamil Gold