Hi mommies! What sex position do you think is the best if you want to get pregnant?

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better magpahilot para.mapataas ung matres. tas see your ob para mabigyan ka ng pills that will normalize your hormone and vitamins.narin such as folic acid. then check kung inverted or retrovert ka kasi pag ganun dapat padog style dw.

I've read that there are no studies made to back up if a certain sex position is more effective than the others if you want to get pregnant. You may want to check this out http://www.babycentre.co.uk/sex-for-getting-pregnant

Missionary Position tapos may unan sa pwet then wag agad aalisin ni hubby, stay muna sya... then, si wife, higa lang... wag gagalaw agad... God bless...

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hi ask lang po. if standing position then 4days after mens. possible po mabuntis? thank u

As per my college human anatomy professor, dog style MAY BE the best position if you want to conceive. Shoots directly to its target.

I agree with may unan da pwetan.