Stomach stretch at 29 weeks

Hi mommies. Is it normal to have stomach stretch (perut mengeras) at 29w gap between every 3-4 hours? Should I be worried? At first, I thought it is because of my bladder is full. But when I try to empty my bladder, the stomach stretch still appears. What should I do? Any advise? Thank you in advance ❤️

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might be braxton hicks and it’s completely normal entering second trimester. if it’s starting to feel tight, drink a lot of water, take a rest for a while. your body is preparing for labour for the third trimester. it will not be normal if the gap is 5-10mins

7mo ago

then you’ll feel it much frequent since you’re entering third already 😂 but its something not to worry to much if the frequency is more than 1-2 hours

kalau lama btter pg pac.. takut kencing kotor