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Hi mommies, mommies-to-be, Can I check whether it's necessary to buy maternity insurance? My request has been denied by the underwriters pending further submission of pelvic ultrasound report / obgyn report as I have fibroids from even before I was pregnant. However the fibroids didn't interfere with my ability to conceive and during my regular gynae visits my gynae said that the fibroids are small and inconsequential to my pregnancy. As I'm very busy with work and wouldn't be able to schedule a pelvic ultrasound outside of my regular appointments, I'm thinking of forgoing the maternity insurance altogether given that I've been regular with my gynae visits and have also done my OSCAR test. Hope to hear your thoughts on this pls. Thank you!

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U can ask your gynae to write u a memo to state that this pregnancy is healthy and safe. The fibroids are not posing any threat or what. Insurer need official letters from doctors to prove. I have prob with mine too due to a loss last year and they rejected mine despite my harmony report submitted. Therefore I ask my gynae to write a memo to explain on the blood test as some elements are *.. after submission they accepted n the plan went thru.

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