Hello mommies! My husband and I are seeing a gynae from Mt Alvernia now and we’re 8 weeks pregnant. We’ve been asked to consider whether we want to do the OSCAR ($450 before GST) or NIPT test ($1.2K before GST). Can I ask: - Which test should I go for? I’m currently 28 years old and more inclined to go with OSCAR because of the lower cost. - Is it possible to have the test at KKH to leverage on their lower price for the test, but stick to our gynae at Mt Alvernia? My husband and I wanted a dedicated gynae which is why we went with private hospital but the gynae visits are proving to be really expensive, and even the price of the test is higher :( Thank you so much!

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If you know you’re going to keep the child regardless then you can forgo the tests. I personally chose NIPT even though it’s on the higher price side as I have read a few negative feedbacks on OSCAR where many others commented that they had false positives which prompted them to do the NIPT as well since it’s 99% accurate. In the end , they had to pay for both Oscar and NIPT. Moreover , you get to know your gender way before 20weeks as your baby may not cooperate during the 20 weeks scan for you to know the gender through ultrasound.

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I went for OSCAR which gave a false positive and then ended up doing NIPT as well. The anxiety caused from the false positive is not worth it at all (plus had to wait for 2 more weeks for NIPT results), would recommend NIPT if you feel that the tests are a must for you and if price is not a huge concern. As what some others have shared, if you would carry on with the pregnancy no matter the results, then skip the tests altogether. It's important to discuss and come to a joint decision with your husband. Hope this helps! :)

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I was 35 when I do NIPT. my baby is now 3 month old. I agree with what many of the comments said. I choose NIPT to check if there is other symptoms too, not just for gender. NIPT is more accurate than Oscar but I also know a friend 26yo, who totally never do Oscar or NIPT, because whatever happens, we as parents gonna keep the baby anyways. 😊

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we did OSCAR due the price difference but ended up getting high risk, so gynae recommended to do NIPT. since it was recommended by gynae we managed to get subsidy and got it cheaper. however do note that the worry and sleepless nights after getting the high risk report for FTS was really not worth it.. Ended up low risk for NIPT.

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Hello! Firstly congrats ☺️ I am 28 and 8 weeks preggy too, seeing gynae in TMC. Gynae told us cos of our age the risks are low and she recommend OSCAR so we just decided for that. Considerations were cost and accuracy (she said OSCAR is 90% sensitive, NIPT 99%) and the gynae recommendation on risk.

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I did NIPT. I am 34 yo. I did around 11 weeks 4 days. Need to wait around 2 weeks for the result. Can detect the boy/girl chromosome. By week 16, my gynae confirmed the baby gender. It is like the NIPT result.

Hi… I’m at 21 weeks pregnant, 30yo. Though the risk is lower but I would recommend you to do it too. My Gynae is at mount e novena, I did nipt. But my cost is about $960 before gst.

Am with private clinic and gynae recommended OSCAR even though am 41 yrs. Not sure abt the reason but may be due to vanishing twin. It's costing me $300.

I go for NIPT when I’m Peggy … I know the price is ex !! But.. It’s a worth it when u know ur baby is HEALTHY!

You can consider going for the private route in KKH then which back to your gynae when mid 2nd trimester?