Any good nappy rash cream?

Hi mummies! My 7mths LO is having a bad nappy rash from diarrhoea. Been using the purple desitin but it’s not helping. Any recommendations?

Any good nappy rash cream?
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Ceradan diaper cream. Gently dab instead of wiping off the diarrhoea and air dry it for a couple of mins before applying a thick layer of the diaper cream on the rash.

Best to wash with gentle cleanser and air dry if possible. The sores look painful. Sudocrem works for my LO too, I layer it on top of Tmc baby bottom balm

My son had the same problem. I use Mustela Vitamin Barrier Diaper cream. Works for my him! Been using it ever nappy change now! Hope ur son gets better!

Sudocrem works best for my LO. I use it for all bumps and rash as well as mosquito bites.

3M cavillon spray