Hi mommies, isit normal for me to feel lightheaded? During my first pregnancy I don’t feel like this . But when it comes to my 2nd .. it has been a week but the last few days it feels like getting worst . I almost black out . Whenever i started to feel like blacking out i stop whatever I’m doing a lay down and rest & wake up feeling the very bad migraine

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Hi congrats on your second pregnancy! I was very lightheaded for my first trimester I often had postural hypotension; I felt my blood drain from my head everytime I stood up. Once I was out and my vision blacked out and I felt very nauseated. It went away by second trimester. If rest is an option, rest more and stay hydrated! I did get headache near end of first tri but it also improved later. If it's very bad, I would suggest bringing it up to your gynae to see if any medication can help you feel better. Hang in there!

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4y ago

Hi , I’m already at my 2nd trimester and almost to my third . But thank you for the share .

For my first pregnancy, i dont have lightheadedness but was prescribed iron tabs. now for my second, im starting to feel light headed but wasnt prescribed iron tabs since the first appt so im not sure. do you eat meat? try to eat more. for me, i don't like red meat so i try replace it by eating oats.

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4y ago

Hey ! Yes i do eat meat . During my 1st preg they do gave me the iron tabs too . But as for the 2nd one they only gave me obimin & another pills

Hi There!congrats pls do Check you might be low on iron coz same thing happened to me and i had to get Iron infusion