I feel like baby is kicking her way out of my private parts!! Does anyone else experience this?

Hello mummies! I am currently 21 weeks plus. I started feeling my baby kick sometime last week. This week, I have been feeling her kicks very low in my abdomen. Recently, it has been getting more intense. It feels like she is trying to kick her way out! I kind of feel her kicks down in my private part. It feels very weird but I am not sure if this is safe? Has anyone else experienced this? Please share! I would really appreciate it. Thanks in advance, Mummies!

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Nope.I only got this feeling when I am about to give birth. Felt like baby is banging her head and wanting to come out. Maybe you can check with your gynae during your next check up

Same hr.. fr 22 weeks til now 32..feel sour & he's like want to pop out anytime. OB told me to do bed rest as my belly always get harden when I stand, walk, sit even in 30mins.

im 20 weeks and 2 days and i can feel the baby kicks in my lower abdomen too. it doesnt feel like the head, more on feel like its the small legs and feet 😅

7mo ago

Yes same! This is what I feel haha

Hey Mummy :) Congrats.. I am 21 weeks too.. I am feeling pretty much the same.. feels like it's cuz of the small legs or hands :)

7mo ago

Heheh! Yes, I feel it’s more normal now then. 😅

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I’m 22 weeks along & I hv the same experience. She has been kicking in my lower abdomen and further below coz mine is breech.

7mo ago

That explains why we have that sensation. I hope mine will turn when it’s time..

It’s normal, because baby is still turning around your tummy..