Extreme fatigue

Hi mommies, im in my week 6 day 5 and been feeling extremely fatigue. Ever since I know that im preg when in week 4, i’ve been slping lesser and auto wake at 6+am daily and by 9am im feeling super tired but I need to go work. Anyone feels the same? 🥱

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Yes, I started feeling tired since week 5. I got enough sleep but still perpetually feel super tired. I cannot really focus at work. It takes a lot of effort to get a single task done each day. I’m in week 9 now. Still feeling tired.

I was telling my hub that its not even a normal tired but an unexplainable fatigue 😅. Trying my best not to affect my work but seems tough…felt so lazy because im like always feeling tired 😅😅😅

Hey, same I’ve not been coming to work ever since i start my morning sickness. Took no pay leave because of my job that requires to assist students. I’m in my 7 weeks now and still feeling very weak.

Ah we're literally on the same 6w5d pregnant. But yea me too, feeling so fatigue but trying to distract myself with doing my hobby or anything that I like and make me happy. It helps😉

early pregnancy is normal, just need to get through it and 2nd trimester should be better..