First Trimester

Anybody experiencing extreme fatigue during week 6 and onwards? Ive been feeling so tired and have no energy to do things, just wanna lie in bed all day.

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Same here, I was extremely fatigue during first trimester, but it get better when I enter to second trimester. First trimester I need afternoon sleep and super tired. Second trimester do not need noon sleep anymore 😄 I’m also surprise .

2y ago

i cannot wait to go into second trimester! this first trimester is so trying. trying to keep myself positive. thank you for the assurance 😊

totally normal! if can, do sleep as much as possible! i had to take a few days off from work just to sleep my day away. weekends are now stay home sleeping days for me! going into my 11th week tomorrow.

2y ago

me too! i had to take mc and rest at home. glad to know that im not in this alone.

It’s normal, even can fall asleep on the office desk and it’s out of control

2y ago

i work in a childcare, have to take mc and stay home though.

It is normal. It is happening due to hormone change

2y ago

glad to know!

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its normal! do rest whenever you can!

2y ago

sure do! thanks for assuring!


it's normal