Feeling fatigue

I’m around 5-6 weeks pregnant and I don’t usually sleep long hours. I feel extremely fatigue just last week, clocking minimally 6-8 hours per day. But this week, I’m back to the usual routine. Is this normal?

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I'm experiencing the same thing as you. Now I'm at week 7 and didnt feel as tired and fatigue as previous weeks. But at times I suddenly feel tired then I'll take a short break.

It's normal to feel fatigue during 1st trimester. Giddiness and vomitting is normal too. Try not to overwork and rest more.

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It's usual to feel tired and fatigue during first trimester. I think on and off u will feel tired and rest/sleep as needed

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Very very normal. I feel like im being so lazy this whole pregnancy

Normal But drinking maternal milk helps supply the energy required

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Yes it’s normal, follow your body, rest sufficiently

Yes it’s perfectly normal