Looking for an app for Fertility and Ovulation

Hello Mommies, I was hoping for your response. I am not really good at tracking my Fertility and Ovulation, I was hoping to find an app that could help me to track it. Me and my partner is trying to conceive for the first time. It's been 2 weeks since we decided to have a baby. Any thought or suggestions for this? TIA mommies

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Hello there! 😊 Try the FLO app.. it is a pink feather like logo. It is also a big help for us coz it gives a beneficial info bout pregnancy and some other matters.. 😉

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Search for Period tracker in the playstore.i think accurate naman po yun not 100% but still accurate pa din as long as you are in normal cycle.

An app is good, however, ovulation strips are better. They are much more accurate and would help you in timing the conception.