At 7 weeks and tested covid positive

Hi mommies , I just tested positive for covid and on home recovery programme . Am worried for my baby but trying to be positive that all will be fine . Just wanna ask if anyone have had covid during pregnancy ?

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I haven’t had covid so far but I have heard accounts from many preg mums that most of their symptoms are mild and recover quickly. Even with a fever and some cough or sore throat symptoms they recover within 1 week max. Taking paracetamol to bring down the fever is completely fine, as confirmed by my gynae when I asked him. So long as you’ve been fully vaccinated, you can be rest assured that you’ll recover quickly :) take more vitamin c and drink more water!

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1y ago

Relieve to hear this !! Thank you mommy !

Hello mommy! I had covid during my 4weeks of pregnancy, the doctor from KKH told me not to worry as long as the symptoms are not sever like having high fever. I went through home recovery too. Take medicines that are safe for pregnancy! Hope you get better soon! 🙏🏻🤗 I am fully vaccinated by the way, so my symptoms are mild.

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9mo ago

Hi did you went to kkh? or just isolate at home?