Covid positive during pregnancy

Hi, any mummies who were covid positive during their pregnancy? Mind sharing your experience? Currently 6 month pregnant and just tested positive. Am very worried for my baby :'(#pregnancy #covid19

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I'm W38 and just tested positive on Fri (18Feb22). It's good that you are at 6m and can count baby kicks, it's reassuring to keep track that the baby's still surviving. The GP is fine with me not taking any medicines, instead I'll just drink water and sleep more. I drink honey lemon water and gargle salt water whenever the sore throat gets bad. Hope this helps! I've another thread here:

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Thank u for the reply! I went to GP and he gave me the usual medications for fever, cough, runny nose n sore throat which are safe for pregnancy. Currently on day 4 and I feel well, just minor coughs but ART result is still positive. Ive gotten 2 vaccination shots, booster not yet. Am just worried and hope my baby is OK.

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