Hi mommies! I am 8 weeks pregnant is it normal to have constipation during pregnancy? Because before I pregnant, I seldom have constipation. Can you suggest what drinks or foods to prevent constipation, please. Thank you!

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it is normal to have consipation.( but cant remember which month or which trimester). Take more fruits - papaya or banana and also drink more water then ur usual intake. If continous, please consultnur gynea.

2y ago

congrats...i will be seeing my girl in 2 months time....

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It's normal. I had the same problem. You may ask for constipation syrup from your gynae. I took this when I was pregnant, can be purchased from Watsons/Guardian pharmacy. Remb to drink lots of water too.

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2y ago

Got it! Will ask my gynae.. Thank you..

Is normal. I ate a lot of fruits and drank a lot of water but still feel constipated during 1st trim. Almost every 3-4 days once.. it got better during 2nd trim. Don’t worry.

just doubled your water intake and take small portion of meals. Avoid oily food. use 2 figs daily at night to avoid constipation in long term plus it's completely safe

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Yes it's common. I had really bad one. No amount of water and fruits n veggies helped. I had to get the doc to give me Duphalac.

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Hi. It is normal to have constipation. However, if you drink milk, orange juice and food with fiberike veges, it will help.

2y ago

Okay thanks! 😊

Now I drank enfamama A+ to get more calcium but same time I always diarrhoea after drinking it.

Yes! It’s very common, just have to drink alot of water! It helps!

Very normal, try yellow dragon fruit, it really help to poo!

2y ago

Thank you.. I safely delivered baby girl already 2 months ago.. :)))

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yes its normal. just drink more water, and eat more fruits.