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I'm 30 weeks pregnant and I'm suffering from constipation. It is painful. I have heard eating lots of fruits works for constipation. Any other tips worked for you,

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Hi, Try celery juice , it helps alot and also breaks down the stool so not so painful wen going toilet . i am in my 25th week i try to take celery juice everyday to avoid constipation and so far it helps . its also helps with heartburn . and has lots of vitamins for the baby. it does not taste yucky , it taste like water with abit salt so dont avoid it looking at its colour.

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You can try chia seeds. Take a teaspoon full of chia seeds and place it in a glass of water. Let it soak for about 2 hours and drink it up. Try it for a week! I had severe constipation, fruits and water still didn’t help much. But chia seeds helped me so much. After which when you have regular bowels, you can try having it every other day. Hope this can help you too mummy!

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You can request for lactulose from gynae/doctor, have yakult and fruits. This helps with constipation. But if this have been going on for weeks, do visit doctor soon. Do not force yourself to avoid abdominal pain.

I had constipation in my earlier days of pregnancy. now week 29 and have been going toilet smoothly daily after I started to take guava / oats daily. these 2 items work perfectly for me, particularly oats.

you can eat tons of avocado.. maybe 2/3 at once.. I got soft stools after and pass motion about 3/4 times per day.. it really work very may try to Google it

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Try drinking a cup of milk? I drink as a snack aft lunch and it helps with daily pooping. I could go twice or thrice more than when I was not pregnant 😅

I ate lots of greens, 1/2 dragon fruit and drank at least 2.5l of water everyday. I also ate yogurt and dried figs regularly. 0 constipation 😆

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Try eating prunes. It works for me. But once I had 3days constipation and I call Kk. They told me to buy Lactulose from Watson or guardian.

I'm also having constipation and painful. gynae gave me lactulose to eat every night. have more fruits, veg and probiotics too 😊

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Drink plenty of water. And add fibre rich food into you diet. Constipation is common during pregnant.