having pain in pubic area

Hi Mommies, I am 32+3 weeks pregnant, having very bad pain in pubic area since last night when changing positions,anyone experienced this? And how to reduce this pain?

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Hi dear.. it’s called pubic symphysis dysfunction. https://sg.theasianparent.com/pubic-bone-pain-during-pregnancy?fbclid=IwAR02I_HdJnnEz68hjm8bySVbWKzlwkg2_NUMQujxknB931eDfg0OkUfKbJA I had it too, and it was terrible. When it was severe, I had to take paracetamol. Using a bolster helps, and turning very slowly. Putting on underwear and pants became very difficult too, as with walking up and down the stairs (needed to do that for work every day). For me, the pain became better immediately after delivery, but only completely disappeared 5 weeks after.

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This is normal. Gync told me its due to the pressure of the baby pressing down. Nothing can be done. Only advised to take panadol if pain gets worst. When i saw the psychotherapist, she said can give ice bag light massage but must be careful not to touch the belly. That didn't work for me😑 In fact, sometimes it made the pain worst!

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please try pilates! get a one on one session with an experienced instructor, you'll feel the benefit right away! the exercise will be very gentle and spine nourishing. do consult your gynae before you start

me too 🥺 every night when im changing my position while sleeping , and when im going to stand to make a pee ... but in my research this is normal

experienced the same here. you can try to get a belly support belt. I bought it from mummysmarket. it helped me a lot.

hi mommies im 32 weeks preggy i feel the cramp pain everyday. its so difficult to walk around.

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yes, nothing can be done. just endure once baby is out everything will be alright. (:

me...i have that pain too...everytime changing of position at night and getting up

for me the pain comes and goes so I just have to endure.

ako mga mamshiii namamanhid siya