Sleep Deprivation

Mommies, how do you promote a long night sleep of your babies? Earlier today i experienced dizziness , i think it's primarily due to sleep deprivation. Long before I have my child, I already have difficulty in sleeping. I gave birth last March 2 and I didn't have a decent sleep since then. Having a sleep for 1-2 hours at night is a routine now for me, 3 hours if lucky. Advice please...

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Momsh, ask help sa partner or parents mo if di kaya ha? We, supermoms, need rest, too. And tama po si Momsh Em, sabayan niyo po ang sleeping routine ni baby. If tulog siya, try to rest and sleep as well. Laban lang! 😉

3y ago

Pano po pag di parin makatulog?

sabayan mo siya sis ng tulog kapag tulog din siya. iba iba kasi ang mga babies, may ibang patigil tigil ang tulog, may kagaya naman ng lo ko na buong gabi tulog. nagbabago kasi ang tulog nila sis.