Fear of being replaced as a mother

Hi mommies! Have you ever feel scared that your child does not bond well with you as compared to other relatives/caregivers? I am training my son to be independent and not spoiled but when I do, relatives will tend to swoop in to coax my child if he cries (after diaper change and feedings. He needs sleep so they will carry to put him to sleep on their chest but they didn’t put him down. So they bond more with him for hours he is sleeping with the touch and smell. I am not sure if prolong bond with other female relatives will make him think she’s his mom and not me, like confused who is his mother due to the excessive bonding and pampering. I won’t mind if others treat and love him well as long he knows that I’m his mother. I want to feel special because i deserve it after going through pregnancy and labor.

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When the baby grows he automatically get attached with his mother. My son was raised by my mother. because my daughter got jealousy with her little brother and she was so upset (she was in pressure) . PD advised me to get more closer to the daughter. There for I only got close to my son for feeding . He was very close to my mother and i also was scared . but when he was 2 years he wanted me more and got close to me.

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Your message helps to assure me.. Thank you...

Hi Mum, I think you don't need to worry about much. Children eventually get more attached to their mothers as it is their natural instinct. So, I would suggest don't think on it too much and with time it will be fine