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Hi mommies, any of you have contact for AIA insurance? I'm thinking to get health insurance and have reuqested to be contacted but no one contact yet. Thanks.

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I suggest go for qiren. Its also aia but at least qiren you can use their facility n free course for kids. There now have a new added which you can have party there for free. Include 60helium balloon, table, chair, party host etc. Shawn is my agent I met in roadshow. I only buy a accident insurance which is 15buck per month but I've claim le. Shawn is v fast in coming to pick up receipt from me. +65 8380 2555 For Shawn he has a partner so it's like 2agent serving you.

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My AIA agent Ms. Lee Lee Chay +6597837415, a very nice and friendly lady, not pushy and hard sell. Has been my agent for almost 18 years.

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Try to google for Sg Baby Club or Qiren. Both are under AIA and will contact you quite fast. They also give free gifts.

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So unlike insurance companies not to reply to a potential customer...You should feedback to them regarding this!

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Yes. They still haven't contact me after few days.

You can consult my Sister. She’s is an agent under AIA Chelsy Wong +6596716899

My agent is from AIA Qiren. She's very responsive. Sotyna +6586861809

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You can find my Friend Claria, she will be able to help! (:

Sorry don’t have for aia. Prudential can?

Sri +6597564960 Reliable agent from AIA

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you use anonymous how to contact you?