insurance for pregnancy singapore

Please help me to find the best insurance for pregnancy singapore. Any review of maternity insurance? how is aia?

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I got the AXA one - it’s a bundle one with great maternity coverage up to 3 years old and monthly insurance payment as we wanted to start on an investment linked plan to save up for babys education. We initially wanted to get a standalone maternity insurance but after projecting how much baby’s education will cost in 20 years, we decided to go for this (on top of other ways to save and invest).

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I can help you with the great eastern one! I bought it as i wanted a simple plan and not an investment linked one. The ge coverage is simple covering for mother and child complications. Birth defects and up to 30 days in icu at 100/200$ a day cash

For me i personally dont like the aia plan. As i need to start to pay for the life plan for the baby in order to get maternity plan. Which i feel is like rushing us to make decision. There is standlone maternity plan from Great Eastern.


I took up the AIA plan because I want a life insurance for my baby after he is born. So it will be convenient as I can convert from my maternity plan to baby plan. If you want further info, you can pm me:)

AIA coverage is good.. but you will need to get a life plan in order to get the maternity plan.. if you are looking for a standalone maternity plan, you can go for manulife..

Manulife! Stand-alone with the option to exercise and get life plan after birth if you wish to. Im an independent financial adviser, happy to help if you need help!

AIA’s plan is rather pricey with the life insurance. Comes up to ~2k per year, so i didn’t go with them. Bought with prudential in the end.

few weeks back i just bought maternity insurance from ntuc income

I think great eastern not bad.. cover more and reasonable