crawling and standing with support @ 6 mos

Hi mommies, my baby at 6 mos old begin to crawl n stand up with support from chairs or sofas at 7 mos he is more active crawl fast n can move from places standing using support on sofas or chairs has anyone of u have the same experience as mine at 6 mos? Is it not too early to have all this milestones?

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Your baby is awesome👏..that’s good and not too niece and nephew also like that when their age but my baby crawl when she is 8 months 😅...every baby has different milestones and that’s okay as long as they are happy and healthy 🤩

My baby 5-6 months can do all on her own also. Early not good meh?

2y ago

Just curious as I am a first time mom, mostly I know their baby crawl n stand later, but i feel relieve now knowing it's a good thing ☺️

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Yes, my daughter. It's normal though

my girl is doing the same too

It’s not too early..