8months Army Crawling

My baby is turning 9 months soon and he still does army crawl instead of the traditional crawling. I know all babies hits the milestones differently but any mummies experiences this with their children? He likes to stand (with support), pull himself up to stand and moving his legs. Basically he kind of skipped that traditional crawling stage. Haha!

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Well that's good your baby skip the traditional crawling because not most baby will do that. You baby hitting that milestone and daring to take a step ahead to try walking.

army crawl is still crawling. best is letting baby develop the crawling skills as this improves the brain development. skipping crawling stage is not as ideal

Update: he has started crawling (on his knees) sbout a week or two after i posted this!

Didn’t experience this with my LO. But some children do skip the crawling phase :)

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Sounds alright to me. Nothing to worry about.

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Give the baby time. It always evens out.