4 weeks and bleeding

Since 10 jan. When i found myself preg. Till now 14 jan. I had slight very very super slight cramp feeling. All seems fine. 10 jan i went clinic to cfm on pregnancy. doc mention im abt 4weeks preg as my 1st day of last mense is 13th dec. N im regular. Everyday was ok. Slight nausea. Sleepy. 14 jan. I went nap 2 hrs. Woke up with a feeling of full bladder. And i went pee. Wipe. Blood on tissue. Look down. Toilet bowl is just red colour. Went kkh o&g. Did a transvaginal scan. Cant see baby in womb. Did blood test. My hcg is near 900. Monday need do blood test again. Anyone had same experience? Do advise.

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I have the same experience as you just last month. It’s chemical and i just back to work on 10 Jan. Now waiting for the menses to come i had mini confinement, still continue to have chicken essence. Just rest well and try again. My gynae say can just try again after the first menses and continue back folic acid..

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4mo ago

kkh nv give me any HL or sth though. but no matter much as i wfh. rarely go jn office. im currently taking folic acid 5mg. but will be changing to blackmores conceive well gold once it arrives. im eating tcm meds and also having mini confinement. let's focus on our recovery as best!

I had similar experience too. I found out I'm pregnant on 13 Jan, I was about 4 weeks 2 days I think. Had slight bleeding/spotting. HCG was about 395, took another one 48 hrs later and my HCG is 1070. Nothing can be seen on ultrasound. Its too early. I hope all goes well for you!

I believe you have a chemical pregnancy. I too have this last time. It’s no one fault. Just that the baby didn’t develop further. Rest well and once you are ready, can try again

Won't be ectopic cos usually chemical/ectopic pregnancy the hcg level is very low one like double digit or 100+ kind.. Prob still early 4w tats y cannot see sac yet

4mo ago

your reply made me feel a little better but i would not bring my hopes up. im still bleeding a little. dark brown. and just now expelled 1 dark red/black clot in the size of cloves like shape. i hope Monday's test could give me some answers.

Only can monitor HCG through blood test to know if it’s a miscarriage or not. Doc told me if HCG drops most likely means miscarried.

4mo ago

i going back on monday to test again. if it no drop. but dono where the sac also. coz cant see. can be ectopic.

Hows everything? I hope everything is fine with you and baby 🥺

checked at kkh today. miscarriage.

4mo ago

thank you! may you be well and your baby grow stronger and stronger! im now recovering stage.. and will be taking multivitamins. can I know how long you waited before you try again?