Thumb to wrist pain after baby delivery

Hi Mommies, anyone of you experience thumb to wrist pain after delivered baby? I'm having this pain, visited the specialist, the doctor said it's common to have this pain after delivered baby bcoz of the hormone changes. He said it will go off eventually,meanwhile he prescribed pain killer med to me for a week, but it didnt seems to cure any pain and the condition has been worst off. Anyone here experience the same and has fully recover? Can share with me pls if you know any good doctor or any other healing method? Wish to heal soon bcoz i need to carry my newborn baby. ?

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Me . Since 6 months of pregnant till now , 50 days after deliver . Starting by left hand and now both . Difficult to handle and carry baby . Dah dua kali urut , tak berkesan , dah bandage sebab ingat urat masuk angin , tak hilang juga sakit . Main phone pun sakit