Milk feedings for 6.5mth baby

Will milk intake reduce at this stage? My son's feeding schedule for recent days is: 7+am: 120ml 10+am: 120ml (Sometimes left half) 12+pm: Fish porridge 2 or 3+pm: 120ml (Can't finish) 6+pm: 120ml (Can't finish) 8pm: Cereal 11pm: 150ml (Dreamfeed) 3.30pm: 150ml (Dreamfeed) Should I be worried? My mil is saying we shld change the formula but I'm comfortable with Nan 2 HA. Baby been drinking Nan 1 HA since he's a newborn.

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Very similar. My 6.5mo baby feeding schedule is 2+am: 150ml (left 1oz) 6+am: 150ml (left 1oz) 10+am: 150 (left 1oz) 12+pm: porridge or puree 2-3pm: 150 (left 1oz) 7pm: 150 (finish) 8.30pm: porridge or puree 10pm: 90 Before he start solid foods, he could drink 180ml of milk a time. Significantly reduced after take solid foods

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Urs is better Mine 7.5 months now : 6am 90ml 10.30am 160ml (sometimes 120ml) 12.00pm Oats cereal 03.30pm 160ml 07.00pm 160ml Sleep through all the night until 06.00am

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There are many reason eg. Too full the solid meal is too much. Teething. Tummy gassy. I feel as long as baby is healthy and hitting all mile stone don't need to worry too much.

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Actually your schedule is pretty good:) and if you like your current milk brand, you can keep it.

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My baby coming to 10 months. his milk intake is inconsistent too

2y ago

Do u know what might be the cause? Teething? Too full from solids? Tummy winds? Is there anything u will do that might help to stabilise milk intake?

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Looks ok. Maybe cuz he ate solid now so drink less.