Baby Milk Bottle Steriliser vs Steamer

My MIL passed down to me baby milk bottle that she kept for 4 years (I supposed it's 4 years as my husband's nephew is presently 4yo). She said can just replace the teats. 1. Isit advisable that I buy brand new bottle and not just replace teats? 2. FTM here. Is the attached picture - a milk bottle steriliser or steamer? 3. Which one is better - milk bottle steriliser or steamer. Why? TIA.

Baby Milk Bottle Steriliser vs Steamer
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my mother passed down to me my cousin's daughter's used bottles too. she was already 7 seven years old. 🙄 I traded in all bottles for new ones at baby fair. that is a steam steriliser.

Please buy new

No for plastic bottles and it’s actually unhygienic

No for the plastic bottles. Will prefer UV sterilizer with dryer. Saves time and serves as storage for cleaned bottles

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These are pp plastic bottles and should be replaced. Plastic have a lifespan and through heat and age it will stay to release chemicals!

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Plastic bottles need to be change every few months. So, better buy new ones instead

1. If the bottles are glass, should be okay to reuse, buy new teats. If bottles are plastic (which they look like they are), I would suggest getting new ones too. I suggest buying just a 2-4 bottles to start because babies take to different bottles differently. My baby used to gag /cough on Philip avent bottles because the teat flows a tiny bit faster than say Mam bottle, even though I used the slowest teats for both. 2. It's a steam sterilizer for milk bottles! I use it for milk bottles and breastpump parts. So far meet my needs. 3. I'm not sure if you're referring to UV sterilizer. I personally didn't get UV as I am not planning to sterilizer other baby items. If you are planning to, and might want dry bottles after each sterilization, you should consider UV sterilizer.

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Get new bottle will be btr and safer also

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I would recommend you to change the bottlew

jus buy new bottle, for hygiene purpose. bottle not that expensive afterall..