Whenever my lo (4 months) is fed through bottle, she will gag as if she was choked by the milk. however, the thing is the milk in the bottle does not flow out unless she sucks the teats. Also, I have a feeling she dislikes drinking from bottles as she would puke the milk out (definitely nothing to do with reflux or overeating) and play with the teats with her tongue instead of finishing her milk. She would only be good and finish her milk when she is extremely hungry and knows that mummy is not around. As a working mum, I can't be there whole day to be her so my caregiver would need to feed her through bottle. Anyone having the same issue? What can I do?

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I have same issue. Only this past couple weeks and my baby is also just turning 4mo. I think mummy is there or not, she will still refuse the milk or play with the teats unless she is very hungry. But my baby is overweight and 2 PDs that i went said most probably baby is "adjusting" the weight. So just follow baby's need or prolong the feeding time. I find that dreamfeed is helpful if you really want your baby to drink.

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Sounds like maybe you need to consider looking for a new bottle or new bottle teats that baby finds palatable. If she used to be breastfed, look for one that's as close as possible to your boobs.

What brand are you using? My baby only likes pigeon. Or maybe you can consider letting the baby sip from a very small cup, like the ones they use to feed preemies.