Recommendations for bottle steriliser and baby monitor

I’m a FTM, any recommendations for bottle steriliser? I still can’t make up my mind between steam steriliser or UV steriliser. Also, any good brand for baby monitor? Hoping to find those that can be connected to the phone and also has decent camera. Thank you 😊 #firstbaby #pleasehelp

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I’m currently using a bottle washer steriliser dryer from Adertek! Recommend to buy when they have a flash sale on Shopee as the original retail price is very pricey. For baby monitor, i’m using VAVA. Camera is super clear even during night mode and even has a microphone function.

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UV steriliser! Doesn’t have to be a fancy expensive one. You can get the Xiaomi Xiaolang steriliser for $99. I’ve had it from before my boy was born and he’s currently 13 months now. No issues with it and definitely works well. I’m using TP Link Tapo C210 at home to monitor baby and helper when at work. Works well too and no issues so far after months of using. 🤗

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Definitely UV sterilizer! I prefer dry bottles tbh than wet ones esp if u use steam steriliser. I’ve been using Loveamme UV steriliser :)

UV! tried steam one before, too much water vapour. I don't really like it.

UV! Saved me a lot of time. I’m using Haenim. Baby monitor - Tapo! 😊

1mo ago

Thank you 😊 I’ll take a look at both products

haenim uv steriliser

Motorola MBP88!