How did you meet your spouse?

Do you still remember that special day? ?

How did you meet your spouse?
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We met on social media, met him after two mths.. got engaged 3mths later, married 6mths after the engagement and we’re expecting a baby girl in April 2021. So much love for my Man. Meeting someone in social media arent that bad afterall. Real, good men still exist! ❤️

tagged😉can't really say only bad man exist when met from online. he's a great husband, daddy, son n as a person. we dated for 5 years, married for 6 years now and we have 4 kids and 1 more coming soon😍

Through a roommate. With whom he moved in and broke up with. There was some awkwardness and she subsequently moved out. At some point later that year we started dating. There was no overlap.

Polytechnic. We were both in the drama club and did a play as husband and wife when we were 19. 12 years later we're an actual married couple.

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Our meeting is like Indian formal meeting like with families .. their family came to my home to see me , n we both liked each other n then mrg..

we were both hotel stewards .. we met while working at Fairmont hotel ❤️

Through my then boyfriend. We broke up and my fiancé then made the move on me

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My first day at work on his birthday and yet he has to OT. LOL!

Back at my old workplace, when both of us were part-timing