Welcome to the world baby💕

Meet my L.O😊 Kenj Matthew💙💙💙 DOB: June 30 2020 EDD: July 16 2020 2.6 kls😊 Via NSD💙 37 weeks and 5 days💕 Welcome to the outside world anak😊 dimo pinahirapan si mommy😊 iloveyou😘❤️

Welcome to the world baby💕
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Congrats po mommy 😊😇 Sakin po July 17 due date ko waiting padin 😅

hello baby Kenj! ang cute mo, ang tangos ng ilong. congratulations mommy!

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Ang tangos naman ng ilong ni baby😍😍 Congratulations mommy🧡🧡

aawwww napaka cutee ni babyyyyy, wishing u a good health babyyy❤️

wow congrats momsh heheh excited na din ako by aug na ang due date ko

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Bait naman ni baby, hindi pinahirapan si mommy. Congratulations po. ♥

Ang cute naman ng baby mo mommy!!! Welcome baby ❤❤

Congrats po mommy🤗 sana makaraos din ako 😇

Congrats mumsh,❤️ Ang cute naman ni baby😊

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Congratulations mommy 🥰 Hello baby pogi😉