Me and my husband moved to Singapore last year, we both are English. I have a 4 year old kid, he has Mandarin as language subject in school. Now I know Mandarin is one of the most spoken languages in Singapore, but is it necessary for him to learn Mandarin? I mean is it really worth it?

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Most preschool children do pick up whatever language is spoken in school as their brains are like sponges. Academically speaking, I would think about the family's long term plans. If your stay in Singapore is transient, then Mandarin can be learned incidentally and without any academic pressure; if the family's plans are to stay for the long term, then consideration should be given to the elementary school that you plan to enrol your child into. International schools in Singapore do offer Mandarin but they also offer other languages too. Similarly, our local primary schools do allow non-Singaporean children to take other languages besides Mandarin/ Malay/ Tamil as their additional language.

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