For married people, do you honestly believe that you are married to 'the right one'?

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I'm sure I'm not alone in saying this, but I don't believe in a "one and only love" or a "soulmate" My wife and I worked hard to get our relationship to get it to be as close to perfect as it can be, and I think it has nothing to do with fate or destiny. It's just two people loving each other very much and making a happy life together, That said, having come this far, I did marry the "right one". But it was not a result of fate or destiny! Does that make sense?

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Personally I don't believe in soul mates or having that one person in the world that you're meant to be with. Love is about learning how to love someone, both the good the bad, both inside and outside, and sticking it out through thick and thin. It may sound simplistic but it's harder in practice than in theory.

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Oo naman. When you have waited and prayed for someone a long time then you know for sure na siya na ang the one. But being married to the right one does not mean smooth sailing ang relationship palagi. It will go through tests and challenges and knowing you're with the right person makes the journey so much better.

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Yeah i absolutely believed that , my partner now is my mr right :) From the moment that we become couple im really confident that he is the right one that God has given me . He is such a blessing not just for me but for our kids too . He may not be perfect but i accepted him for what he has and what he will be .

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Yes. But please note that it doesn't mean that we don't have arguments and everything is smooth sailing. When I say the 'right one', we complement each other and help bring the best out of us.

Yes before pero noong naghiwalay kami nagbago lahat ng paniniwala ko

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YES even if it is US AGAINST ALL ODDS 😊☺

Yes i am. And i thank God to that😍

Big yes 😊❤️