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Hi mamas! My LO is 7MO.. He likes to scratch his head and tug his ears and shows signs of irritability. Once he tugged his ear so hard that there was a blue black mark on it. He's been doing this since about 3 months old. I raised the concern to a PD before but she said it could be because of the eczema. Yes my son has eczema but his head has no bumps or anything. It's very smooth.. I read some article they say it could be ear infection but my son doesn't have and discharge from his ear.. Any mamas LO's doing the same? Should i be concerned? Or is this normal and he'll grow out of it?

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Ear infection is painful...your baby will be crying and not tugging...anyway you have seen PD and they said is probably due to eczema...see if your baby response changed once you have eczema under control. Alt. Seek 2nd opinion from another PD

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same like my daughter. they’re just showing discomfort... should be ok. maybe teething...

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My LO does that when she’s tired or in discomfort. She doesn’t have eczema

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I think it's normal my 3 month old does that, grabs her hair and tugs her ear

My LO does it when he is feeling sleepy..does your LO does it all the time?

Teething maybe? My girl is 4mth, she's been doing that since 3rd mth though

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Usually when my kids do that it’s a sign of teething..