maid options, which will u opt for? n y?

Maid nationality, which is the best? Indonesian , Myanmar or Philipines?

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I prefer Philippines as Indonesian maid usually requires a separate set of cooking utensils, and they usually cannot eat with us as my family love cooking / eating pork. So bringing them out is quite an hassle as we need to source for halal restaurant

I've tried all 3 nationalities, only Philippines able to stay with us for more than 5years. The rest kind of slow in work n have communication barrier. ( mayb I'm not in luck to meet the better ones out there)


Philippine maids usually would be more educated, can speak English and not sensitive to handling and cooking meat

Philippines as my family helper has been with us for over 10 years already

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Language wise Philippines. But there are really good Indonesian ones too!

I think Philippines, they’re better with families

Generally found pH ones good

Indonesians are hardworking

I prefer Philipines

Mine is indonesian