My LO struggle to drink formula when she is awake. She will only drink when she sleeps. Any advice to change her drinking pattern?

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My baby latches when he is awake, but only when he is falling asleep than he will drink fm, guess is because he is waiting for me to latches him hence falling awake instead. Ur LO struggles since newborn? During newborn time, we also tend to feed them while their eyes close, hence mb a habit too. Just make sure they dun choke and still breathing thru nose while drinking.

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I read that when baby needs to be asleep during his or her feed, it could be because eating is painful. Eating while sleeping is not dangerous but it could suggest that baby has Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD) which requires treatment and this condition needs to be reviewed with the doctor.

It really depends on What she's struggling for . My girl used to struggle because she can't Co - ordinate breathing plus swallowing well . And doc advises me to let her drink and pause for awhile so she can breathe better and continue . I think it's better to check with PD what's her real problem

It could be that your baby does not like the taste of the formula. However, while she is asleep, the sucking/feeding is more of an instinctual reaction. Therefore, she is able to drink it without any issue. Just my speculation though.

Maybe you would like to change the formula milk as your lo may not like the current fm taste?