14 month old still sleeps like a newborn

Hi. My baby still keeps on waking up like 2 or 3 times at wee hours to drink milk. She’s already 14 months old but her sleeping and drinking pattern is still like when she was a newborn baby. Is there a way I can change this pattern?

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Wean her off the night milk. The first few days / weeks will be tough on you and her, but once you give in that’s it. I’m a preschool teacher, I have a student with similar pattern of yours even at age 3. She comes to school feeling sleepy and cranky throughout as she didn’t sleep well at night due to the night feeding. She wakes up to drink, and will be awake awhile longer (probably cos she is older). Hence, the child feels like she wants to nap whenever she feels tired in the day but she can’t due to being in school.

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Reduce the feeds night by giving solids dinners she feels full and sleeps longer

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Is ur baby taking solids before bed time .. if so it will helps longer nap .