Ear wax

Hello.. my daughter had her health check up at school and there is a lot of wax in her ears. have been asked to clean ears. how should I clean the ears? I put some warm water in her ears while bathing, but looks like that isn't helping.
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use olive oil. can get from pharmacy. my boy ears is full with wax too. doc advised not to dig but to use olive oil drop to soften it. will come out by itself. remember dont use water. if still cannot
Hi doctor can prescribe ear wax softener. Guardian pharmacy also sells it and I have seen even olive oil used as a softener. Hope this helps.
Soap. Ear wax is «grease/fatty » -> it can be dissolved with soap. —> soapy warm water should do.
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there is ear wax softener solution at pharmacy. check it out
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You can send her to beauty salons that offer ear wax services.