My LO jus started walking independently (but still a bit wobbly) at 15+ months.. my mil said he is slow .. I mean , 15 months started walking independently really is considered slow ?

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My girl is 16 months old and still don't want to walk. Everyone is telling me it is my breastmilk that make her weak and slow in walking. However, my girl is able to speak at 12 months old and can clearly tell us "thank you", "play", "bird" "I don't want" when she done with something etc. Every child is different and develop at different pace. It's human nature to look at negative things so I don't care as long as she is healthy and learning. :-) Learning from experience from my firstborn, children has "ego" or "character" too. My firstborn is "slow" in talking but speak in full statement when she start opening her mouth. My second child love to talk and "command" people to carry around that why she don't really like to walk. Just embrace it and follow the flow to guide them in their own talent and character.

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I will brush it off or shoot at my mil (depend on the mood and how irritating it is)....Does It Matter?!!.... Like seriously, it's not as though baby is challenged and super lag as though got some real developmental delay syndrome (it is a "sickness")...otherwise just shut the F up... Ya that's my response if my mil catch me in the wrong mood. But generally...look at life as a whole - who bothers abt when u start walking when u are in primary schl? As adults, who bothers when we start walking? Unless it's like some HUGE issue that doctors highlight otherwise why bother. Early or late. Fast or slow. Who cares? Got accomplish will do!

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If it makes u feel better, my boy started walking at 18mo 😅 each child has his/her own pace, just let them pick their auspicious date to walk lol i wasn't too concerned since other than walking, he was hitting his milestones. Not walking cld mean a lot of things - not wanting to (maybe just a little lazy), no confidence etc ...

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My LO started after he turned one, but now everyday is still full of knocks and falls after 2 months of constant walking. I worry about his development everyday and sometimes wonder if it's better if he started walking later. Your son might start slow, but it doesn't mean that there's no possibility of him starting to run in no time!

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there is no slow or fast. wth. every baby progress at their own pace. cannot compare one. every baby is different, just like every adult is different. I'll brush it off and says fast or slow does not matter. when they grow up, who cares at when do they start walking/crawling/eating? as long as they did walk, does it matter when?

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Well there are many babies who walk at 16-18mo but there are also a lot who walk between 12-14mo. 15mo is just average I think and even if it is slow i find it unnecessary for people to make such comment. This has no indication of their development . Just listen withone ear in one ear out

nope. my #3 walk at 15 he is coming to 4 ...just like any kid. my #4 walk at 10 months...i am sure he wil like his peer later on in life even though he is a fast walker ! how soon they can walk isnt indication of their ability in later year

Don't compare. Each child grow at their own pace. I won't say slow or not. It's just that they develop differently. I feel that we should label them as slow or fast. My 10month old can't crawl till date. Lol.

Mine was v cautious and walked at 15 mths thereabouts too. My mum say slow, I told her every child develop at their own pace. Plus if walk too early and can't balance well, will always have heart Attack leh.

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being able to walk at 15mo is already good! No babies are able to walk stable immediately. Even for my son who is turning 2, he still stumbles over his own feet while walking.