My lo dont know how to suck from straw cup and just kept biting the straw. How can i encourage her or teach her? Im using the richell setq

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Hi how old is your baby? Babies are individuals and their development will be different so don't worry too much and just keep trying. Usually babies learn how to suck from straws from 8 months onwards, some faster and some slower. I try to mimick sucking action when my gal is sucking from the straw so that she can imitate me. I also use the brand BBall straw cup which has a weighted ball for easier sucking of water as the ball will follow where the water is. Try to do different actions with your mouth and face when you are playing with your baby as they like to imitate us and this will encourage them to explore more and enhance their oral development

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Children progress through various oral motor skills, during their first few years of life. A baby begins to develop the oral motor skills necessary to learn how to drink from a straw at nine months. In the next three to four months, he or she develops a coordinated sucking and swallowing pattern to drink from a straw without difficulty. Much like any other milestone, there is a typical age range of when a child can master this skill (9 to 15 months), but they all will be able to do it with daily exposure to a straw. So just keep trying

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My LO is 7 mth old. He can suck from adult straw the first time we presented to him at the end of 6mth but he has problem sucking from his Pigeon straw cup. Both hb n I tried n we find that it is so much more difficult to suck from his Pigeon straw cup which we don't understand y.need to use so much more energy . Maybe u can try to give ur LO different straws to try instead

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Im using the pigeon petite bottle. It is easier to suck out water from this model. I just let my baby play with it everyday and at the same time exaggerate the sucking action with a straw myself. My baby took quite awhile (about 3 weeks) before she grasp the idea..

I also use Richell but I realised the one with button is harder to suck. That one I only use a few times to let her know she can suck water out if it, from then on she uses the normal straw cup that came with the set.