Straw cup for baby to use

My girl is 1 year old and recently i introduced her to straw cup. She still doesnt get it up till now. Its been 2 weeks of teaching her. May i know how you teach your baby to use the straw? And how long did it take? #1stimemom

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Change another straw cup. Some brand is v difficult for baby to suck the water up. My son learns how to use training cup at 6 mth old, then 7 mth learns how to use straw cup. He plays the straw cup himself then managed to do it. I changed cups two times. First time is Pigeon, 2nd time is Phillips avent lip activated then. Philips avent straw cup.

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my girl just drink from straw you got to check the straw cup is it hard to suck. sometimes is not they can't when they feel difficult they give up. can try using normal straw first

It took 2-3 weeks for my baby to get used to it . Keep on doing it infront of her and let her copy what you are doing

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I drink it with a straw infront of my daughter. She's 1 year too and then she shows interest in using the straw 😅

Hi mummy, you can consider sippy cup instead

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