S Or M Size Diaper For 4 To 6 Months Baby?

For Baby between 4 to 6 Months, is It Better to buy S Size Diaper Or M Size Diaper? Thks

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It depends on your baby size. If size s is getting too snugged on your baby now; theres red lines on their thighs or waist then its time to size up!

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Depends on your baby weight also leh. And some baby have bigger thighs hence different diaper got diff cutting aslo

Different brands have different cutting so either one is fine. My child had both sizes ard that age.

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Depends on baby's weight. Best not to stock up too many S size diapers though, babies grow so fast.

My girl in mid of 3rd month already using M size. Depending how well they grow

Really depend on your baby size. My boy turning 6 month old still wearing size S.

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It depends on the size of your baby. You may want to stock up a bit of both sizes

Depends on the weight of your baby. Different brands have different range.

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Depends on baby weight and also how much quantities you intend to buy.

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Depends on babys weight. My baby wear M size from 2nd month onwards.