My LO is 6 months 3 days old. But still not flipping. Hates tummy time always get fussy when on her tummy. Wonder will she ever flip?

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Try to change up the tummy time in terms of place and activities:) tummy time on daddy/mummy lets your LO see your faces so it’s comforting. Tummy time on a playmat/mattress can also be fun for your LO. Put the favourite toys close by for your LO to try to grab. I also lie down beside my LO so she can see my face when she looks up. Every day, gradually increase the duration of tummy time, and add more activities too! Our LOs all develop at different paces, so don’t worry so much:) enjoy the process and celebrate the milestone when it comes!

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Try different sensory play activities so baby will be distracted during tummy time. One idea is you can get a shallow tray fill it with water then put different coloured toys to float on it. This’ll keep baby busy and forget that theyre on their tummies.

my baby flipped only a few times around 4 months and now stopped flipping. at 7 months, he hates to be on his tummy and i wonder if he will crawl. do not have to worry so much because baby will grow fast and eventually will know

Don’t worry, every babies are different. They will flip one day. No need to be stress. Mine flip at about 7 turning 8 months.

no worries..my LO start at 7mths..every child is different..your LO will surely developed the skills...

Hey, Don’t be worried from this as all babies are different and they develop at a different pace.

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Baby hit their milestones at different times. My baby flipped later than 6 mos.☺️

Mine too he hates tummy time so I think I will take him time for that skill😅

very child is different...she will flip when it's time

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chillax! as many mommies said everyone is diff!!