My baby refuse to drink milk

My LO is 4 months 20 days. She was introduced to Gerber's apple juice on last Sunday. We tried to give her a little bit and mix it with water. Since then, my baby prefers the water mixed with apple juice more than her milk. Today she only drank twice. Is this normal? She's learning to turn around and she's 8kg. I'm wondering if she wants to drink lesser milk so that it will be easier for her to lighter for her to turn around? Please help me mummies 😭

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I thought that juice is for 6months old and above? Actually for me, I really wouldn’t let my baby drink such juices as I hope to reduce his wants of sugary taste drinks and sweets starting from baby. I was afraid he might not like his milk too since his milk really doesnt taste good.

7mo ago

Best to speak to them because my pd told me babies under 6 months old shouldn’t be drinking water too as they are still developing their kidneys and stuff.