4MO rejecting milk

Hi mummies, my girl is 4MO. She’s isn’t a fussy baby, the only time she cries is for milk & dirty diapers & time to time when she wants to burp. Recent weeks she stop crying for milk, only when she sucks her hands aggressively than I’ll offer her milk. If I give her milk 3/4hourly she will reject it totally if not is drink 50ML only. 2 days back when she just turn 4MO I let her have apple purée and she love it more than milk. How do I get her to drink more milk because today she only drank a total of 160ML & ate half a tbsp of apple purée. #advicepls

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is she having colic? there is milk strike phase, can try giving like every 2 hour to see if she drinks more

How is baby's other behaviors? did you burp baby? is baby pooping?