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My 1 year 4 months old babygirl been rejecting her milk bottle. Only wants to drink her milk when spoon feed with biscuits or else she rejected the milk. Tried a few ways just to get her to drink milk as usual but failed. Shes on solid twice a day and snacks on biscuits and drink plain water happily. How can I get her to drink milk again? Is it due to her teething? Do I have to change formula milk? Please help me mummies please. Thank you. #pleasehelp #firstbaby #1stimemom #advicepls

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Maybe she prefers solids than milk now. My 17 month old also experienced the same thing. And still not drinking as per advised by doc. It’s ok, as long as LO is having 3 meals a day should be sufficient. My LO also prefers drinking from a straw so I bought those cute fancy spiral straws online and a bear bottle to pour her milk in. She will drink it finish but need some distraction to do so. She used to drink Mamil Gold for a few months but after I saw that she’s wasting a lot of milk, we switched to Dugro 3 until now. She’s also drinking max 100ml per feeding, sometimes lesser. I make sure she eats more solid if she’s not drinking enough for the day.

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2y ago

Hi there. Thank you for your reply. I felt relieved knowing that its just not my LO behaving this way. I shall try your way with the fancy straws and cup and see how it goes. True. My LO has been wasting her milk alot too. I am also considering of changing her milk but no idea to which one. Can consider Dugro 3 too ya. Thank you so much for sharing. 😊

have you tried switching bottles? some babies tend to change preferences when they start teething. you mentioned that she doesnt mind drinking the formula but by spoon, so maybe it could be the bottle itself that she doesnt like anymore.

2y ago

Hi there. Thank you for your reply. Yes I did from Pigeon to Philips. Shes been using Pigeon series since newborn. Tried to get her new teat it became worse. Tried to get her to drink milk frm her sippy cup failed too. Spoon feed milk with biscuits can without biscuits she will reject the milk. I am not sure should I change the milk? Any suggestions?😊