worried of baby's pattern while he is on latch on

LO is 3 months, he has been noted to have breastfeeding 4 to 6 minutes only and tries to push away.. then he will latch on and off (like playing). He is being burp after that. There was one time he had projectile vomit but after that its a small milk from mouth or after few minutes he will spit up a formed milk... please advise... first time mom here

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Perhaps your milk flow is fast. Did you pump? If u pump, is fast n yield alot? U feeding every 2-3 hour? After feeding, burp n carry lo up straight.

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4y ago

Hi, there thank you. Indeed the flow us fast. But we still went to see doctor just to ensure all is well. He was guven probiotic and i was told LO could be experiensing growth spurt... pee and poop are good...