my lo is 2mth old can i use teat w 2 hole instead of 1? cos 1 hole she tend to drink v slow (30min feeding) TIA

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Is she still breastfeeding? If she is, would suggest to stick on, coz they will then prefer teats over breasts as milk flows easier with teat that has more holes. If not relevant about breastfeeding, then it shouldn't post as a problem to change as long as your baby doesn't choke on the milk. I accidentally gave my 1mth old a teat with 4 holes - meant for the sister and I was shocked that he finished in an instant compared to the usual 10min. But he was struggling with the milk flow when I realized - given the wrong teat.

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My son seemed impatient with a no 1 teat when he was 2 months old so I moved him to a no 2 teat. And he was fine. Note: the no 2 teat is still 1 hole but it's a wider hole. All bottle manufacturers (philips avent, tommee tippee, etc) have teats of various sizes; and you move up the baby to wider holes as they grow.

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is she sucking very aggressively to get the milk out of the bottle ? if no i would suggest you to stay. maybe she just prefer to drink it slowly .

I would suggest at her age to stick to 1 teat for a while longer. My son also drank very slowly- I had to learn to be patient. Haha.


it depend on individual baby progress you can buy and try if no after 1 2 days not choking issue it's fine.