Slow bottle feed, need advice ☺️

Hello, my LO is 1 month old and is taking almost an hour to finish his 90ml milk. Is it normal to have such a long feeding duration? I am not sure whether it has to do with Hegen teat size as I am using the teat size for 1 month old. Any advice from mummies? ☺️

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Is not normal. Usually 10min max Either he’s full, don’t want to drink Or the teat is too slow, hence he’s very tired of sucking & don’t wanna suck. Try up the teat size

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No need to follow the teat size so strictly, if your baby is good at drinking the milk, may suggest you change the teat to a faster flow (e.g with 2 holes) - FYI

1h does seem long. Is it always 1 h or baby is not hungry and therefore not really drinking

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can try to upsize the teat.