1 day old newborn head lunged forward

On two separate occasions, I was holding my newborn baby (1 day old) slightly upright. I was supporting his head, neck and spine well. But since I was not grabbing his head with my fingers, his head fell forward like a tennis ball on a jelly stick. We quickly corrected it and placed his head back in the supported position. The baby didn't wake up or cry. He continued doing whatever he was doing like nothing happened. Should I be worried about any damage? Nothing seems wrong with him. Please advise if you know anything about this. It's my first time holding a baby and I am extremely careful but I felt like a failure when his head flopped over like that. ** English responses preferred. Thank you. ** #firstbaby #1stimemom #advicepls #pleasehelp #TeamBakuNanay #bantusharing

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if you immediately corrected his position and your baby is not fuzzy nor too quiet, i guess everything is ok. since he's just a day old, he's still on the process of adjusting in the outside world. Maybe when he was still on your stomach, that's how he usually move, so don't worry too much. you will definitely know if there's something wrong with the baby.

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